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Defining Models Using Import from URL

Concero models can be imported from a publicly accessible URL.

Run this code on replit

const { ModelManager, Concerto } = require('@accordproject/concerto-core');

try {
// create the model manager, used to manage a consistent set of
// related models
const mm = new ModelManager();

// add a CTO file (as a string) to the model manager
// note that this model file imports the MonetaryAmount type from
// a model that is loaded from a URL.
// we therefore pass 'true' as the third argument to disable
// consistency checks on imports
mm.addCTOModel(`namespace catalog@1.0.0

import{MonetaryAmount} from

concept Product identified by sku
o String name
o String sku
o MonetaryAmount price
}`, 'product.cto', true);

// we then call `updateExternalModels` to download all external
// models, which will also verify the consistency of the model manager

// we can now retrieve a type and property from the model manager
const productType = mm.getType('catalog@1.0.0.Product');
catch (err) {