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VSCode Extension

If you use the VSCode IDE you can install the Accord Project (Concerto) extension to benefit from syntax highlighting, compilation, and more.

The extension supports both VSCode running on your desktop, or running within your web browser.

For example, try opening this web link: to view a sample CTO file in your web browser.

Install the Extension

To install the extension select Extensions in vertical toolbar to the left of the screen and then search for Concerto and install the Accord Project (Concerto) extension.

Install the Web Extension

With the extension is installed you will see syntax highlighting for CTO files:

VSCode Extension Syntax Highlighting

Errors in CTO files are reported in the Problems panel (accessible by clicking the number of errors/warnings in the lower status bar):

VSCode Extension Problem Panel

Extension Commands

Compile Model to Target

To generate code from a set of models, context-click (control or command) on a CTO file and select Compile Model to Target from the menu, then select the target format.